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Against All Authority was founded in Cutler Ridge, Florida in 1992,[2] driven by willingness to promote their message—"questioning our economic differences and promoting our human similarities", as stated by their official site. A strong engagement in political and social issues is clearly evident in their lyrics. The band maintain a fierce DIY stance influenced by the approach of the Dead Kennedys and Subhumans.[3] Early in their career the band decided to book concerts, make recordings and even produce band t-shirts on their own.[2] Their first release "above the law" was released on Far Out Records. Later they signed on independent label Hopeless Records, becoming one of their major bands. In addition to touring and...Полная биография

Аудиозаписи Against All Authority

01I Think You Think Too MuchAgainst All Authority2:15
02We Won't SubmitAgainst All Authority2:28
03Above the LawAgainst All Authority2:51
04Destroy What Destroys YouAgainst All Authority1:48
05Best EnemyAgainst All Authority2:51
06hard as fuckAgainst All Authority2:14
07No ReasonAgainst All Authority2:19
08Keep TryingAgainst All Authority1:47
09policemanAgainst All Authority1:44
10Shut It DownAgainst All Authority2:52
11World DominatorAgainst All Authority2:27
12Sacco and VanzettiAgainst All Authority1:33
13The Next SongAgainst All Authority3:28
14dinkas when i close my eyesAgainst All Authority1:40
15Nothing To LoseAgainst All Authority2:04
16I'm Weak InsideAgainst All Authority2:39
17walking revolutionAgainst All Authority2:33
18JustificationAgainst All Authority2:16
19Silence Is Golden but Duct Tape Is SilverAgainst All Authority3:46
20stand in lineAgainst All Authority2:03
21conditioningAgainst All Authority2:10
22ska sucksAgainst All Authority1:36
23Another Fuck You SongAgainst All Authority2:08
24ugly desiresAgainst All Authority1:46
25tobyAgainst All Authority1:16
26just an obstructionAgainst All Authority1:34
27In On Your JokeAgainst All Authority1:41
28DisobeyAgainst All Authority1:36
29I Just Wanna Start a Circle PitAgainst All Authority2:01
30We Don't Need YouAgainst All Authority1:33
31The Production of Self DestructionAgainst All Authority2:37
32Under Your AuthorityAgainst All Authority2:42
33what the fuckd you expectAgainst All Authority2:15
34lifestyle of rebellionAgainst All Authority1:52
35Committing The TruthAgainst All Authority1:57
36Sunshine Fist MagnetAgainst All Authority2:48
37AlbaAgainst All Authority1:56
38centerfoldAgainst All Authority1:54
39Grinding My Life AwayAgainst All Authority2:38
40Sk8 RockAgainst All Authority1:39
41Lied ToAgainst All Authority2:13
42Killing The TruthAgainst All Authority2:50
43At Our ExpenseAgainst All Authority2:15
44Daddy's Little GirlAgainst All Authority1:21
45Kickin The DogAgainst All Authority1:36
46stuck in a rutAgainst All Authority2:30
47Watered Down and PassiveAgainst All Authority1:59
48Court 22Against All Authority2:17
49ThreatAgainst All Authority1:48
50Chelsea BabyAgainst All Authority1:53
51All Fall DownAgainst All Authority2:11
5200 amAgainst All Authority2:38
53Collecting ScarsAgainst All Authority2:01
54When the Rain Begins to FallAgainst All Authority1:50
55When It Comes Down to YouAgainst All Authority1:36
56BakuninAgainst All Authority2:19
57Sounds of The UndergroundAgainst All Authority1:46
58the excuseAgainst All Authority1:37
59Hour Roadside ResistanceAgainst All Authority1:57
60Louder Than WordsAgainst All Authority2:02
61The Source of Strontium 90Against All Authority5:07
62I Just Want To Start A Circle PitAgainst All Authority2:01
63Radio WavesAgainst All Authority2:34
64War Machine BreakdownAgainst All Authority3:15
65Buried AliveAgainst All Authority1:57
66BarricadesAgainst All Authority1:23
67Sweet Televised DestructionAgainst All Authority2:44
68FreedomAgainst All Authority1:57
69Haymarket SquareAgainst All Authority2:08
70That WayAgainst All Authority2:34
71Livin In MiamiAgainst All Authority1:54
72All Ages Show TonightAgainst All Authority3:08
73BloodclotAgainst All Authority1:36
74Pestilent ExistanceAgainst All Authority2:17
75It Really Sucks When...Against All Authority1:33
76sec. SongAgainst All Authority0:35
77Under Your AuthoriryAgainst All Authority2:42
78The Resoration Of Chaos And OrderAgainst All Authority2:25
79The Mayham & The PainAgainst All Authority1:51
80Corporate TakeoverAgainst All Authority1:58
81ChelAgainst All Authority1:53
82Osuchowski's on the LooseAgainst All Authority2:07
83Centerfold (Cover)Against All Authority1:53

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