Краткая биография Ours

Взято с http://www. killtheband. com/bio. htm In a dark world, we’re drawn toward fire. But within the fire, there is danger, and a different kind of darkness. On Precious, the new album from Ours, Jimmy Gnecco is the fire. His voice seduces, soothes then slashes through the skin of indifference. The songs are a shout of anger or a cry of pain, unleashed from inches away. The band’s debut album, 2001’s Distorted Lullabies, also seemed wrenched from the guts of someone who, for all his youth, had weathered a lifetime of turmoil. But Precious comes like sonic surf from a place even more unsettled. Though Distorted Lullabies was released only last year, to Gnecco it already seems...Полная биография

Аудиозаписи Ours

01I'm A MonsterOurs3:30
03Fallen SoulsOurs4:00
06Here Is The LightOurs4:47
07Meet Me In The TowerOurs4:26
08Dancing AloneOurs4:11
11As I WanderOurs3:56
13In A MinuteOurs2:19
16Disaster In A HaloOurs3:32
18Lotti DiOurs3:40
19Live AgainOurs4:26
22Here Is the Light (Acoustic)Ours4:43
23Run Away To Tell The WorldOurs5:00
24Pretty PainOurs5:12
25Drowning...I've had hard time thinking I've had the hardest fall I'm drowning and now I'm sinking into it all Remember the words of someone Someone I used to know Love everyone but keep them Far from your soul Ours3:37
26Red Coloured StarsOurs4:08

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