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disk_d | 11 апреля 2011

DARIUS is a German band formed in December 1989 in Germany, the band is rooted in such bands as PINK FLOYD, SAGA and MARILLION among others.

The band was formed by - Marcus Arnrich / drums, Markus Getta / guitars, Tom Mueller / bass, Dirk Bovensiepen / vocals and Sven Martin / keyboards, and with this lineup they release their debut album “A Poet’s Soliloquy” in 1994.

This first album is promising but it’s evident that they required some practice because the sound is a bit amateur, with a clear Fish era MARILLION which is enhanced by the voice of Dirk Bobvenspen which is very similar to the tall Scottish vocalist.

It’s not until 1997 that he band releases their second album “Voices from the Crowwd” which represents a great evolution since their debut, pay special attention to the secoind half of the album that is dedicated to an Egyptian tale, so we are talking about a semi conceptual album.

In 1999 the band releases their last and only live album called “Somewhere Alive in the Crowd” which contains excellent material from their previous albums and a cover version of Kayleigh by MARILLION.

disk_d | 11 апреля 2011


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