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natalja jodkina | 13 июля 2011

In a world of fly-by-night, new-jack bands and here today gone tomorrow trends, 100 DEMONS are true battle scarred vets. No member of the Band is by any means a stranger to the East Coast Hardcore/Metal Scene, each one having logged serious time in a variety of bands, paying their dues and honing their respective skills. The core of the Band is drummer Rich Rosa and guitarist Bubba, who have played together since the early 90's, when Higher Force, of Waterbury Connecticut, bloodied dance floors across the East Coast. Bubba has played in such bands as Gabriel and In Vain, expanding his horizons of heavy and hard hitting song writing. Rich's drumming is nothing short of a merciless street brawl, delivered with dynamic force, skill and precision. Singer Bruce LePage hails from the Springfield, Massachusetts area — heading the legendary Bloodbath and later providing vocals for Pushbutton Warfare. His grimly realistic lyrics, full razor-sharp insight and black humor, combined with his relentless growl are delivered from the gut, with no posing or posturing. Rick Brayall, who has played for years in Connecticut's Death Metal Masters, Tyrant Trooper, handles the blistering leads and soulful yet heavy guitar work. Rick plays with bone crushing intensity coupled with fluid dexterity, adding metal panache to Bubba's wall-of-guitar onslaught. The newest addition to 100 Demons is Bassist Steve Karp, who handled guitar chores in Brooklyn New York's Yuppicide for years and more recently in Connecticut Skate-Rock favorites FTE. 100 DEMONS have gelled into a cohesive unit, honed to a razor-sharp edge thanks to their combined years of experience, professional musicianship, and intense devotion to the Hardcore/Metal scene. Their live shows are 100% adrenaline and forced aggression, delivered with unflinching ferocity and unswerving genuineness. 100 DEMONS have evolved into a well-oiled machine, which consistently delivers unique yet unrelentingly intense and heavy music, coupled with battering-ram vocals and raw, poignant lyrics. They are true scene veterans who constantly push the limits of their skill and prowess, staying at the top of their game through sheer willpower and intensity, experience, and unbridled tenacity.


Source: artists.iuma.com/IUMA/Bands/100_DEMONS/

natalja jodkina | 13 июля 2011


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