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Nazia and Zoheb (Urduنازیہ اور زوہیب) were a Pakistani pop group from KarachiSindh formed in 1980. The group was composed of two siblings, Nazia Hassan and Zoheb Hassan, who were a singing sensation and pop icons in Pakistan and all of South Asia. They were also regarded as pioneers of the Pakistani pop music scene during the 1980s. Nazia and Zoheb are also one of the most successful groups in Pakistan which sold more than 60 million albums worldwide[1] , making them one of the world's best-selling music artists.

The group initially gained prominence from their music single "Aap Jaisa Koi" first featured as a soundtrack for the Indian film Qurbani. The song was also part of the group's debut album Disco Deewane released in 1981 by Indian producer Biddu. The album was the best selling album in all over Asia at that time and it also changed trends of music in Pakistan and was the first South Asian album that was also a hit in BrazilRussiaSouth Africa and Indonesia. The duo released their second album Boom Boom in 1982 which was also the soundtrack for the Bollywood movie Star, based on the life of both the brother and sister. After two years the band recorded their critically acclaimed Young Tarang (1984) which is the first video album release in Pakistan. The video album sold 40 million copies worldwide and became the highest selling video album. Nazia and Zoheb released their fourth studio album, Hotline (1987), which featured the duo's younger sister, Zahra Hassan, on tracks «Soja» and «Telephone Pyar». The group released their last studio album Camera Camera in 1992, which was also the first album produced by Zoheb Hassan.

Before the release of their fifth studio album, Nazia and Zoheb announced during a launching ceremony that it would be their last album. The album did not achieved the same success as the previous releases did and only received average reaction from critics. After the album's release, Nazia left her singing career to focus on her personal life. Zoheb went on to pursue his career as a solo artist and released his debut album Kismat in 2006.

di....smoke | 6 июня 2011


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