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Paola & Chiara is a pop and dance music duo consisting of two sisters born in Milan, Italy.

The manager of Max Pezzali's pop band 883 saw the sisters playing in Milan, and signed them to the band. The sisters' career as "Paola & Chiara" truly began in 1997 when they parted with 883.

In 1997 the sisters won the New-Artist category for the song Amici come prima at the Sanremo Festival. Soon after, they released their first album. They have since released other five studio albums, incorporating shifting musical influences (such as Spanish Pop and Celtic elements) and performing in several different languages, achieving international success in 2000.


Chiara Iezzi was born on 27 February 1973, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Paola Iezzi was born on 30 March 1974, with dark hair and a darker complexion.

The sisters formed their first music group called Elefunky, which specialized in funky music. They played in various clubs in Milan and were discovered by Claudio Cecchetto, who was feverishly looking for a group that would help known artist Max Pezzali.

The sisters left the club scene and joined up with Max Pezzali to play at many festivals in Italy. They became part of Pezzali's band 883, playing the guitar and the trombone. The group released in 1995 the album La donna, il sogno e il grande incubo. After a big tour to promote the album, the sisters decided to become solo artists.

The sisters visited Ireland after seeing the movie Braveheart, to visit the locations where the movie was shot. The trip was an inspiration to both and gave them a feeling of real freedom. The sisters returned to Ireland again and were inspired to write many songs.

They decided to participate in the Sanremo new-talent search in 1996. The song In viaggio ("In Transit") led the sisters to win the contest, gaining fans and admiration.




gothic spirit | 27 марта 2011


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