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disk_d | 31 марта 2011

The sax-heavy pop/rock band known as Quarterflash formed in early 1980, joining together two of the city's more popular acts: Seafood Mama, which contributed Rindy and Marv Ross; and Pilot, which added Jack Charles, Rick DiGiallonardo, Rich Gooch, and Brian Willis. The band would release four albums together, starting with their 1981 self-titled debut, which sold over two million copies and spawned two of their biggest songs, "Harden My Heart," which went to number three on the charts, and the Top 20 hit "Find Another Fool." Subsequent albums would not reach the blockbuster commercial success of their debut, but they continued to sell albums steadily throughout the mid-'80s. Another notable song was "Night Shift," which was the theme for the movie of the same name. They followed up their debut with 1983's Take Another Picture, which produced another Top 20 hit, "Take Me to Heart," as the band continued forward with their trademark rock sound. By Girl in the Wind in 1984, the band began to run out of clever hooks and they issued just one more album, Back into Blue, in 1985. A modified version of the band anchored by the Rosses continued to perform live, calling it quits just after recording an unreleased album in 1995. ~ Stacia Proefrock, All Music Guide

disk_d | 31 марта 2011


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