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di....smoke | 7 июня 2011

Rui Da Silva Producer, DJ, record label boss, musical innovator. Rui Da Silva is an electronic music producer. He runs Kismet Records, his own, successful, independent music label. He DJs all over the world. Rui has been involved in music since he was a kid and in the music business since he set up the Kaos Records label in Portugal in the early 90s with the label he kick started the dance scene in Portugal  in 1993 Rui creates the legendary Underground Sound of Lisbon the most influential electronic dance band out of Portugal till this day. The Seminal «So get Up» originally released under his label Kaos Records went on to be licensed to Tribal Records in the US, the international release of So Get Up came packaged with mixes from Junior Vasquez and Danny Tenaglia. this record became a classic in the Sound Factory in New York with Junior playing it constantly every saturday.  In 1999 he moved away from his label Kaos Records and relocated to London in a search for new challenges. He set up Kismet Records and started recording under his own name. In 2001 his music leapt from club to radio when his song Touch Me became an international number one single.  Today he continues to produce club tracks and experimental electronic music always, as he puts it, “trying to change the sound and evolve as staying still gets me bored”.  Kismet is still going strong in the digital age with a mission to “help new upcoming talent to break into the electronic music scene”.  Rui’s formative years, growing up in Portugal, were spent listening to music and one-deck DJing at parties. Early influences included Tones On Tail, Talking Heads, Kraftwerk and Brian Eno. “But when I was 16 or 17 I realised that DJing wasn’t fulfilling as i was basically playing other peoples 

di....smoke | 7 июня 2011


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