1080 - Learning Chinese

Текст песни 1080 - Learning Chinese

A call to arms nobody hears / Our efforts fallen on deaf ears / And though our goals seem palpable / Attaining them seems unclear / Though no one will tell you you're wrong / As the dollar sign strings us along / Its time to evaluate / The reasons we belong / But when our freedom takes away theirs / It does not ring out everywhere / As we exercise our right to take / Everything thing that's there
As the corporations we support, quickly take over the earth / We take more than we need, while others go hungry! / Keep the third world on their knees, down subservient to us / There's nothing we can do! that's not fucking true!
But if we cant break the walls they build / We still can change our lifestyles / If we cant break the walls they build / We still can change our lifestyles

My life wont be sold, chasing down the dollar sign / Wear a corporate soul, to replace the one you sold / To prosper at the sake of others is not why I’m alive / We take more than we need, to justify our greed!
No motives unclear, prosperity driven / Our revolution, must come from within / If I never give up and you never give in / We can change the world we live in!

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