112 - Love Me

Текст песни 112 - Love Me

Do my Puff Daddy shit
Do that Puff Daddy shit, son
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, what, what, what

ATL, Harlem World, ATL
ATL, Harlem World, ATL
112, Harlem World, 112
112, Harlem World, 112
Harlem World, ATL, 112
112, Harlem World, ATL
Yeah, kid you don't stop
We won't stop, you don't stop
Come on

Baby whenever I'm with you
No one else exists but you
Cuz you're the one for me
Every time that we're apart
You're always in my heart
And there you'll always be

Baby don't go
Your love's so special
Can't let me go now
If I did wrong, I'm sorry
No other love is for me

1 - Love me, hold me
(Why don't you)
Squeeze me
(Love me, never let me go, baby)
Hug me, kiss me
(Why don't you)
And love me
(Love me, never let go)

Whenever I'm on my way home

Just can't wait to be alone
With you my baby
Anticipating how you'll feel
Listen to me, I'm for real
When I say I love you

Baby don't go
Your love's so special
Can't let me go now
If I did wrong, I'm sorry
No other love is for me

Repeat 1
Repeat 1

Uh, uh, yeah ,yeah, yeah, what, what, what
Come on, yeah kid, Harlem on the rise
With 112 and you don't want no problem with these guys
Yo, you cats never want no problem like we want it
When Harlem World doubled up, we put G's on it
I'm pushin' new 700 M.G.'s on it
And if you can't see the ice, that means my sleeve's on it
You know I dress as I'm suppose to
Stretch Lex with a shouffer
Never sober, red Testarossa, cherry Rover
Baguettes in my Jehovah
Me and Puff at the Grammy's, sittin' next to Oprah
(And the winner is)
What we hear is platinum that, platinum this
Platinum whips, nobody got no platinum hits
Cats know with me platinum always wrap my wrist
I come to the awards, quadruple platinum chicks
Little ones like twenty five, what cats get smacked with
Big ones like fourty five, what cats get clap with
I react sick whenever my dough ain't accurate
Harlem World, Jr. Mafia, yeah and that's it, come on

Repeat 1 until end

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