2 Live Crew - I Can't Go For That

Текст песни 2 Live Crew - I Can't Go For That

(Mixx scratches I can't go for that and nooo)

Verse 1:Fresh Kid Ice
Have you ever met a girl who dressed real fly
And wanted all the things that your money could buy?
She wanted gold chains, a brand new Louie
You gotta spend money to get that coochie
She'll find a man who thought he was raw
Then leave him heartbroken when his money was no more
She'll get any man and treat him nice
Now she wanted me, the Fresh Kid Ice
But I knew her game, and that's a fact
I'm sorry to say that ...


Verse 2:Brother Marquis
You're taking my kindness for a weakness
I find out your game with the quickness
I'm streetwise; I can see no good
'Cause that's the law in my neighborhood
You think that you're slick, and you can get over

But not on me, Marquis, your brother
When I first met you, you seemed to be different
Now you're askin' me for money?I ain't with it!
You don't love me, so stop lyin'
Don't try to run a guilt-trip down by cryin'


Verse 3
[FKI]Women these days aren't realistic
They'll drive a man crazy 'cause they're materialistic
Always wantin' things we can't afford
And when we say no, they pretend to be bored
[BM] You can't fool me or see through me
There's something about you that just gets to me
You're scummin, and bummin', I hate to see you come and
Want to get in my pockets?You gets nothin'!
Baby, don't trip me, what's up with that?
I ain't no sucka, I can't go for that!


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