2 Live Crew - It's Christmas

Текст песни 2 Live Crew - It's Christmas

Verse 1: MC Twist and Lejuan Love
[Twist]Christmas is a day we all must share
[Lejuan] To let your fellow man know that we care
[Twist]All about the pain
[Lejuan] Each day may bring
[Both] And if we all in the hand, all the brothers can sing
Out loud,
[Lejuan] For one simple reason:
[Twist]It's time to be merry
[Both] 'Cause it's Christmas season!

Verse 2: Anquette
It's the time of year for us all to act nice
As we celebrate the day of Jesus Christ
His life was all He had to give
So people like us could have a chance to live
So come on, my brother, no need to think twice
Let's all celebrate the day of Christ!

Verse 3: 2 Live Crew
[Marquis] You better be good
[Kid Ice] You better be nice
[Both]Or Christmas will be your day of gripe
[Marquis] So do all your work and all your chores
[Both]So you can get a gift from Santa Claus
[Marquis] Ho ho ho
[Both]Through the fallin' snow
Here comes Santa, with presents galore
[Marquis] With somethin' for me
[Kid Ice] And somethin' for you
[Marquis] Best wishes from us all,
[Both]The Skyywalker crew!

{samples from Deck the Halls}

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