2 Live Crew - Throw The D

Текст песни 2 Live Crew - Throw The D

[ Fresh Kid Ice ]
Listen up y'all 'cause this is it
Forget that old dance and (throw that d)

( *Mr. Mixx cuts up* )
(Let's dance)

[ Fresh Kid Ice ]
There's a brand new dance and it's comin' yo way
It was started in Miami by the Ghetto Deejays
Say some call it nasty but that's not true
It's just the only dance that you can do
'cause you need a sexy body, make your partner come alive
If you can't do that, don't even try
So get yourself together and learn it quick
Just get on the floor and (throw that d)

( *editing of* )
(Let's dance)

(Throw that d)

[ Fresh Kid Ice ]
When I went to Miami couldn't believe my eyes
This female was throwin, wanted me to try
If you don't know how to do it here's what you must do
Just listen up close, I'll explain to you
Just jump... in the air
And when you land you wind like you just don't care
It's all in the hips, so go berserk
And let that *dick* do the work
So while it's workin you better start strokin
To show your partner that you ain't jokin
'cause this ain't a dance from Mother Goose
Better freak yo body and turn it loose
'cause when you're on the floor you don't give a *shit*
All you wanna do is (throw that d)

(Throw that d) etc.

( *Mr. Mixx cuts up samples from Planet Rock* )

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