2 Pac - Holla If Ya Hear Me

Текст песни 2 Pac - Holla If Ya Hear Me

Ah yeah...
Hollar if ya hear me


Here we go
Turn it up
Let's start
From block ta block
We're snatchin' hearts
And jackin' marks
And tha punk police can't fade me
And maybe
We can have peace someday 'g'
But right now i got my mind set up
Lookin down tha barrell of my 9
Get up
Cause it's time to make tha pay back phat
To my brothers on tha block--better stay strapped black
And accept no substitutes
I bring truth to tha youth tear tha roof off tha ol' school
Hold on, i won't turn tha other cheek
In case ya can't see us while we burn the other week
Now we gotta make it smash
How long will it last, till tha poor get more cash
Until then
Raise up!
Tell my young black males
Blaze up!
Life's a mess don't stress
I'm givin but be thinkin' without you livin' bless
Much love to my brothers in tha pen
See ya when i free ya
If not, when they shoove me in
Once again, is there no one else strapped
Keep ya hands on ya gat
Now ya boys watch ya back
Cause in tha alleys of cali i'ma tell ya
Mess with tha best and tha vest couldn't help ya
Scream, if ya feel me
See it clearly? your too near me

Hollar if ya hear me
Hollar if ya hear me
Hollar if ya hear me

Pump ya fists like this
Hollar if ya hear me
(pump, pump) if ya pissed
To tha sell-outs livin' it up
One way or another you'll be givin it up
I guess cause i'm black boy
I'm supposed to say 'peace', sing songs, and get capped on ?
But it's time for tha new plan, bam!

I'll be swingin' like a one man clan
Here we go
Turn it up
Don't stop
To my homies on tha block
Gettin' dropped by cops
I'm still around for ya
Keepin' my sound
Underground for ya
And i'ma throw a changup
Quayle, make you hate you never brought my name up
Now my homies in tha backstreets
Tha blackstreets
They fear me when they rollin in they phat jeeps
This ain't just a rap song
A black song
Tellin all my brothers, get they strap on
And look for me in tha struggle
Hustlin' to tha other brotha's bubble

Hollar if ya hear me
Hollar if ya hear me
Hollar if ya hear me

Will i quit, will i quit?
They claimin' that i'm violent
But still i kick
Never give up on a good thing
Wouldn't stop it if we could
It's a hood thing
And now i'm like a major threat
'cause i remind you of the things you were made to forget
Bring tha noise
To all my boyz
Know tha real from tha bustas
And the decoys
And if ya hustle like a real 'g'
Pump ya fists if ya feel me
Hollar if ya hear me
Learn to survive in tha nine-tre
I make crime pay
I was in crime pay
Whatever it takes to live and stand
Cause nobody else'l give a damn
So we live like caged beasts
Waitin' for tha day to let us graze free
Still me, till they kill me
I love it when they fear me
Hollar if ya hear me

Hollar if ya hear me
Hollar if ya hear me
Hollar if ya hear me

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