2 Skinnee J s - Mindtrick

Текст песни 2 Skinnee J s - Mindtrick

Check out the scene,
We're stuck in a tractor beam
With the r-2 unit
And the whole skinnie team
From the moons of endor
To the land of lando
We take the whole damn posse
To wherever the van goes
The chase is on
And we're close to capture
Imperial forces don't really know what they're after
Which way did they go?
Which way did they go?
Excuse me for the question but I really got to know
My rosy glasses
Give me passage
Inside the minds of masses
So relax when I ask this
Did you come to kick my ass,
Or to get your ass kicked?
I'm a mellow fellow not afraid of being yellow
But will I run from a gun when confronted,
Hell no.
I'm obi wan
I'll use the force.
These are not the j's you are looking for

I hold my light saber with precision and invision
The invader's demolition,
Rebel on a mission,
To defete a bad leader,
gonna be there in a flash
Exit to the x-wing
Flexing with the crash
Skinniee's in control.
Now we go for the gold.
Like Han but never solo caus my crew be in the hold
Chillinlike Han they can't touch us
with their blasters we learned
At the feet of the masters

It's an old jedi mind trick
It's an old jedi mind trick
It's an old jedi mind trick
It's an old jedi mind trick

Hold up
I froze up
When the speeders showed up
The sheild's are down and the shit's about to blow up
Imperial forces want to force us to extinction
But my force is from the source,
So of course I trust my instincts

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