2 Week Notice - 2 Week Notice

Текст песни 2 Week Notice - 2 Week Notice

Well now I get up every morning
Just to go to work
My job sucks ass
How long will I last?
My boss is a fucking jerk.

Why should I sit and take such shit
Every god damn day?
This place is fucked
The employees suck
Is it worth the pay?
No way.

Fuck your corporation
And your policies
Don’t be late to work
Tuck in your shirt
Take out all your piercings.
You can try and hold us down
But the rules you think are right
Well I don’t agree
Can't you see?
Won't go down without a fight Because I quit (x3)

You tell me that I’m fired
And show me to the door.
You and everyone else
Go fuck yourself
You stupid little whore.
I don’t think you can fire me
Cause I already quit
Here’s my badge
You stupid fag
I don’t give a shit
Because I quit (x3)

Now all I do is sit at home
And get really hella smashed.
Drink some beer
It’s so clear
Tonight I’m gonna get trashed.
Now I have no worries
My old job made me sick.
Problem with it
Ya piece of shit
You can suck my dick
Because I quit!!!

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