2 Week Notice - Riot At Taco Bell

Текст песни 2 Week Notice - Riot At Taco Bell

There was a riot at Taco Bell
Quite a tale in which I will tell
Smashed the windows
Broke the glass
Stupid Mexicans can kiss my ass.

Well I need some food
I need it fast
I got no money I’m driving around for something cheap
I see the sign a bit down the street

Pull into the parking lot
The open sign I did spot
Got out the car
All seems well
Soon there was a riot at the bell.
Walked into this place
Took a look around
Bunch of faggots everywhere
A chick could not be found.
Two would not stop staring
Told them they better quit
One just pissed us off
And the other said 'go eat shit.'

It had really made us mad
The fact that we had just been dissed
By a bunch of fags with ponytails
It made us fucking pissed off.

Riot at the bell (x3)
Stupid Spics, you burn in hell.

Ran up to them
Smashed their face
Blood was spewed all over the place
Teeth were broke
Noses were bashed
Threw one fag through the glass
Then we saw the Mexican's face
They were in a fucking daze
I don’t know what to do now
Then they shouted blanco puetas!

Then they took a charge running right at us
Place was fucking screwed
That was all the fuss
They were really pissed
Place was fucking trashed
A faggot on the floor
Face was broken and bashed.
Standing in a daze
I did not know what to do
I took a look at the Oi boy
He didn’t have a fucking clue!
So we got the hell out of there!!!

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