28n - Set Me Free

Текст песни 28n - Set Me Free

I shoulda kept my jacket on to protect me from this
violent weather. Twist the knife a thousand times but
I can't feel Im made of leather. There's something
else you never understood about me.....im at the
wall. Defying all my laws of reason, high from the
drug, Im clever. Elastic nerves give the impression
that im here forever. Alive in every corner of my
mind, I stand tall.
It's real in my head, I feel it in my soul, you'll
always be a part of me I know. And coast to coast I'll
ride, knowing there's so much more that's inside. And
it'll set me free...........

How many times did you think I would show you my
pride? How many times did you think that I would
swallow it down? In regard to your deceiving Im
receiving this reward. Relief from all the thoughts
that always lingered on my head. Relief from all the
messed up feelings when you're laying in my bed. Im
trading it all away for false security.........
I'll race out of control, basking in the light, of all
that is ahead of me and I, will chase til I am weak.
It's there for the taking..........

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