2Pac - Never Forget

Текст песни 2Pac - Never Forget

Napoleon Intro Talk:
Yeah, we gone dedicate this one, to the memory
of Makaveli the Don, Tupac
You know, we got these cats, re-makin' these songs
Nobody wanna give you a song, it's from the lil homie
Strength of the strong

Verse-1: ( Napoleon )
I dont know where to start, dear God can you open my heart
Let me share with this world my art, this not no R.I.P song
It's a tribute to the spirit of Pac, I still remember when you visit my block
I was a juvenile, in 94' I was stuck in the war
Didnt know the meaning of life or what I was breathin for
You gave me a hand; you gave me your plan
Thug-Life world-wide with expand
That was your dreams homie
Now its present right in front of your eyes
They can't tell me your soul aint alive
Cause I can feel it homie
Dear lord please forgive these sins we all lost souls stuck in the wind
so let us in, cause we cryin at the gates of heaven
Ive been tryin since the age of seven
Only God knows, we gone make it I betcha homie
If it wasn't for Kadafi I wouldnt have metcha homie
Try to...open your heart and feel me a minute
If it wasn't for you, I wouldve been dead or in prison
So I dedicate this song to you
My whole success truly belongs to you
And thats true...

Chorus(X2) ( Val Young )
I never forget what you said
Never forget what you did
I never will (Johnny-J: -I- Never Will), I will never will

Verse-1: ( Napoleon )
Me and Johnny in the studio reminiscin over you
Tryna put these hits down, thinkin what would you do
In 2002 and 2003, the worlds going crazy, industry is lazy
It aint comin with it, like you came wit it
You pass me the torch, so now I ran wit it
Im still a outlaw, but Im doing it dolo
We all go our separate ways homie you know
But I die for this thug-life
It aint no thing I ride for this thug-life
Know what I mean? And I humble myself
I aint wild no-more, but I dont leave the door without my foe-foe
Homie guess who I ran to, Val Young to +Live And Die In L.A +
She still singin like she sung it when you was around
Homie sometimes I wish that you was around

Still puttin it e on

Chorus(X2) ( Val Young )
I never forget what you said
Never forget what you did
I never will (Johnny-J: -I- Never Will), I will never will

Verse-3: ( Napoleon )
I still remember what you told me
+Keep Ma(your) Head Up+, +Are You Still Down+
Dont never give up, do +I Get Around+
No I had to switch up
I did alotta changes dawg I had to grow up
Its still +All Eyez On Me+
Oh yeah remember +Shorty well he Still Wanna Be A Thug
Reminds me of me...and +I Aint Mad Atcha+
that you had to go, oh yeah that +Rose From The Concrete+
It did grow, and +Brenda+she had another baby
She wonder why they call her a trick
Pac its crazy, once in a while we had gangsta parties
I still +Toss It Up +, but I dont drink Bacardi
The realest hit you ever wrote was everybody's, favorite song
I mean it played at every party
When Makaveli came to pop the party
Was the hardest music that you could find on the market
Yeah...ya legacy gone live through me
Every breath that I take you gone breath through me
June 16th-71' was the day we got a present from heaven
Pacs spirit stays present...
And thats real....

Chorus (Till The End) ( Val Young )
I never forget what you said
Never forget what you did
I never will (Johnny-J: -I- Never Will), I will never will

Johnny-J Speakin Over Chorus:
Yo Pac, this is to you man
You know that Johnny-J got love for you
I kept it going for you man
The legacy lives on
Its nothin but love for you
Just remember one thing Pac
Amma keep this ride the way you wanted me to ride
Amma let them know, it never ends
I'll never forget u man

*Chorus Fades Out*

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