3 Prong Outlet - Yearbook

Текст песни 3 Prong Outlet - Yearbook

saw you in your yearbook picture
love at first sight, had to meet ya
maybe not obsession but a feeling close to home
starting talking in the chatrooms
or a phone call when the nerve rose
seems to me we were so close, but your so faw away

and all the guys would tell me everyway to win her heart
so i began to do it still dunno where to start
please someone make the first move or im gonna lose my head
looking at your pretty face ill beat my head against the yearbook

cause melindas the kinda girl who makes me feel
like the rainy days outside my window
aint for real
(melinda)i got a blow up girl and named her after you
cause when i see your senior picture i feel like

im a freshman again

days went by i got to know ya
thought of all the good times i could show ya
everything about you so perfect in everyway
your pretty eyes
your little smile
i was told she'd wait a while
but impatience got me and ya sent me on my way

in everything you did, i saw a little bit of me
but once upon a times the only way we are meant to be
like children on a playground
im afraid to talk to you
watching every move you make
ill drop the petals on my yearbook

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