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I'm getting little tired of your broken promises,promises looking at your pager seeing different numbers numbers call you when you steady hanging with the fellas the feallas hanging with my friends you always getting jeallous jeallous I was with you when you didn't have no dollas no dollas hanging at the crib chilling with yu mamma you mamma never funded you never brought the drama now you flip the scrpit player please
Bridge: No I'm not the one (say it again say it again oh) No I'm not the one (you do or you dont) you do or you dont dont you will or you wont you wont Chorhs: No more no more (baby I'ma do it right) you can or you cant cant be a man be a man man No more no more (baby I'ma do it right) you treat me like a lady when you open doors doors but when you with your boys your boys you know you never thought that I would have the nerve the nerve think
About it more since you at the crib the crib blowing up my pager saying you want a chance a chance listen to me when I say player please bridge, chorus I just want to know what happen to our love we used to be best friends where did it go wrong I just want to see how good it was with me I'm tried and I'm through with all your lazy games

Hey boy you promised me case fade but that was last year boy in the 8th grade but you ain't bigge baby boy so no it ain't 1 more chance when your friends around you don't want to hold my hand now you see a girl stylin and whillin by the mix popping out the whips the whips the 5 or 6 s fly cromes with my tones either you do or you don't(you do or you don't) chorus 1x No I'm not the one (say it again say it again oh) No I'm not the one
I'm tired of hearing baby I'ma do it right no I'm not the one (never again never again no no no) No I'm not the one say it again say it again oh (I'm not the one) No I'm not the one say it agian say it again oh no I'm not the on say it again say again ssay it say it again no I'm not the one I can do better all by my self no i'm not the one I'm not the oneeeeeeee chours until fade

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