3rd Man In - Shotdown

Текст песни 3rd Man In - Shotdown

What's to come from this frame of mind
I seem to get stuck here all the time
Disbelief in the way things have to be
Losing sight of these expectations
And I'm the one whose hurting myself
Time will seem to tell the whole truth
You never stopped to let me down
Running from this so called no where
Finding strength in what went wrong
I wish that I could soon forget
Convincing myself I don't belong
Falling through in all that I do
And nothing matters anymore
Who is out there looking out for me

I don't have much to go on
Why do I ask what's it worth anymore to even try
I'll run away and I'll expect to see you again...

What do you expect from me
And am I the only one,
With only myself to blame
That your not around
I'm not going to just sit back
And watch everything
I've tried for go to shit
So sick of tryin but falling short
In reality I'm givin in
I've missed the mark and now its gone
And I cant seem to quit holding on
Put aside it's not my time
But yesterday won't let me forget
Screwing up it's in the past
And nothing good can ever last
All the things you put me through
And somehow, I'll get it through to you (x4)

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