4 Him - Why?

Текст песни 4 Him - Why?

They say that into every life
Some rain must fall
For the pain is no respecter
Of the mighty or the small
But sometimes it just seems so unfair
To see the One who's had more than His share
Oh it makes you wonder why

And Lord I wouldn't second guess
Your mighty plan
For I know You have a purpose
That's beyond the scope of man
If You look inside my heart You will find
That I have always been the trusting kind
Oh but still I wonder

Why do the rainy days have to come
When the storm clouds hide the sun

I wanna know why
Why when the reasons aren't clear to me
When it all is a mystery
I want to know why
And though down here I may not understand
I won't let go of the unseen hand
For It holds the reasons why

The Lord has never been afraid
Of honest prayers
And He won't allow the burden
To be more than you can bear
When He knows that you're trust is in Him
He doesn't mind the questions now and then
Even if you wonder


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4 Him - Why??

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