4ft. Fingers - Emergency Manoeuvre

Текст песни 4ft. Fingers - Emergency Manoeuvre

Tuck your head between your knees
I love you and we'll always be together
There's not much left to say
And words can't help us now
But squeeze my hand my dear
And we'll pray together
Your heart is slowing down take me instead
Just rest your heavy eyes and head
You're fading away
Like a camp fire burning out
Don't leave me here by myself
I'll never forget you
I'll never forget you
I'll never forget you
You meant the world to me
Thanks for the memories
It was true love for me
You brought me to my knees

You meant the world to me
Remorse of course is what I wish for
And now I'm slowing down
If I knew this day was coming
I would of told you how I felt
Impact is immanent
Being with you is permanent
I couldn't keep control
The car began to roll
The end is here my dear
Hello can you hear me
Or have you just gone to sleep
I'll join you soon
And until I do
I miss you
I'll never forget you
You meant the world to me

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