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Текст песни 4Lyn - Quake

common push me towards the edge
donґt ask just push me, pussy ( pussy ) haha.
itґsjust you verses victim, victim verses edge,
edge verses life and my life is full of crap,yo.
first of all i wanna thank you for all the pain,
and for drivinґme insane.
all the time u steared enjoyed the fear
minute 4 minute, day 4 day and year 4 year.
but guess,whoґs the one that will take a stand
who is the product of whoґs envoirement?

so what? so what? u show my all the faults
that i will never find.
so what? so what? u try 2 fukk witґmy brain
cuzґiґm one of your kind?
so what? so what? u show me all the faults
that i will never find.
so what? so what?

so now you got me where you always wanted me. no time to rest,
cause all the time you tried 2 fukk with me.
no place to run to so what am i supposed to do?
turn around and give up just like a fool?
should i leave my path and walk yours instead? just the thought about it makes me mad !
i fled like a refugee until this moment of truth,

i got a loaded handgun donґt make me shoot.
cuz iґm ready to blow up this god damn spot,
including ya eyes,ya head and ya punk ass guts!!!


i told ya there is no time for peace no more.
(do what i say with your eyes on the floor!)
i got no remorse. My soulґs already lost.
ma youth was the prize, now the life is your cost.
(fukk you!) conversationґs already done, i never thought
that payback is so much fun.
so throw your hands up in the air, oh,you wanna live?
why should i care ?
i analized your backbone,youґre like an opened book.
you lilґ son of a bitch and son of a crook,duck down!

so what? so what?
itґs time 2 break down these walls,you know whatґs up!!!
so what? so what?
fukk you!!!!!!!!!
itґs time 2 break down these walls,u know whatґs up!!!
so what? so what?!!!!!!!!

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