5 Chinese Brothers - Mr. Williams

Текст песни 5 Chinese Brothers - Mr. Williams

(Tom Meltzer)

from a faith healer's advertisement

From the land of miracles comes Mr. Williams
And he says Don't Give Up - He says Don't Give Up

This Southern born spiritualist who brings to you
The solutions to the mysteries of the land of voodoo
Seeks to help many thousands of people
Who've been crossed, have spells, or been plain hoodooed
Want luck, want their loved ones back
Recently been victimized by unprovoked attacks
Want to stop nature's problems or get rid of some strange sickness
If you're seeking a sure fire man to do
What needs to be done, as God is my witness
If you seek financial aid
A big promotion or a higher grade
You need to see this man of Jesus
He sets fire to the fears that freeze us


He tells you all before you utter a word
He can see right into your soul
To your every dealing and affair
He brings the spirit of release and control
Thousands of people are amazed by his powers
See him any time, he keeps unusual hours

Are you suffering from illness or diseases that you cannot cure?
There's a doctor of all doctors, this doctor is God
Of this Mr. Williams is sure
Read James chapter 5, verses 13 on
Then go see this man, your troubles will be gone
Satisfaction is doubly guaranteed
One visit is all you'll need


Mr Williams has the power to satisfy each and everyone
He reveals hidden secrets, evil eyes
Lurking dangers before they've even begun
Here is the man who gets his job done in a hurry
Destroys all fear and transplants all worry
Don't tell him, let him tell you, he knows just what's the matter
He will throw his mojo high in the air
Black cat bones he will scatter
See him in the morning! Be happy at night!
This man always his job and he always does it right!
He takes what's bad and make it good
He's located in a refined neighborhood


See him any time, no appointment's necessary
For a change do something out of the ordinary

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