5 Chinese Brothers - My Friend

Текст песни 5 Chinese Brothers - My Friend

(Tom Meltzer)

for Neil Young

Found a dirt road beneath my feet
Must have wandered off the main street
When I was looking up instead of looking down
I was enjoying the city sights
Wanted to compare them with the northern lights
I guess that's how I wound up way outside of town
Now I'm wondering if I should go back
Or search around for an unbeaten track
I wish that you were here to show me how

Oh my friend, oh my friend
I'm wondering what you would do now

'Cause I wasted my good looks
Oh television and beer
And cynical heroes with nothing to say
Now I'm living in my second stage
Between my youth and my middle age

Hope when it's over I don't feel the same way
Just because you've left the bad behind
Doesn't guarantee what you'll find
So I'm thinking of you to make me strong

Oh my friend, oh my friend
Am I going where I belong

150 rum by the double shot
Warmed up in an aluminum pot
I'm trading my tomorrows for today
Life's a gamble when you don't toe the line
I want to let it ride every time
Winning or losing, learning something along the way
If this song sounds like a fan letter
It's 'cause you just keep getting better
I want to thank you for your high and lonesome sound

Oh my friend, oh my friend
Thank God there's still good friends around

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