5 Days Ahead - My Cold November

Текст песни 5 Days Ahead - My Cold November

That night I hung up the phone
Tears were rolling down my eyes
All I had was the comfort of my best friends.
The next day left alone.

I watched the Lions game.
Anything to get my mind off of you.
I didn't care who won; I already lost.

Remembering those words that I deserved better than you.

I tried to say grace before dinner,
but what do I have to be thankful for?
A heart ripped to shreds with the knife
left at the foot of my door.

Thanksgiving dinner never tasted so bitter
I wanted to throw it up and send it to you
Just to give you a reminder of how it feels

To destroy someone's holiday.

I went to turn on the TV.
Home Alone was on, how fitting.
I tried to laugh but couldn't find a reason why.
Still left wondering why.

Black Friday never fit so perfect
It felt like a part of me just died.
Seeing happy couples blissfully step through the stores.
I just wanted to rip out my eyes.

Deep in a box, I buried a picture of you.
Hoping to never see it again.
It still pops up sometimes.
And a tear still rolls down my eyes.

Winter never felt so cold.

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