6 Fifty Per Shoe - Walk To Pathmark

Текст песни 6 Fifty Per Shoe - Walk To Pathmark

hey come on lets go and walk to pathmarck today, ryan said to me, it'll only take a day-but still me and bill don't know what he was thinking-the only rational idea we had was that he was mistaken-by the time that we got there it had already been a day-it was kind of fun but not in one kind of way-it would have been a bright idea if the place wasn't so far away-we were so hungry, but had no money-how the hell would we pay?-we tried to walk back home but collapsed in a half a day-and we figured in about three days we'd be dead and rotted away-because we had no food or water we were saying all kinds of things-and in about an hour we all started to sing walk to pathmarck).

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