7 Foot Midget - Idiotic Patriotic

Текст песни 7 Foot Midget - Idiotic Patriotic

Yeah, I love the USA
The greatest country in the world
Where we have the freedom to do what we want
Just as long as it's what the government wants us to do
Where all men are created equal
Just some more than others
But aren't we all brothers?

Yeah, I love the USA
I'd die for it any day
I'm sure it'd do the same for me some day
I support the country that lets children starve
And people die in the streets
Just as long as none of them are me

Hoist the flag red white and blue
I'm so proud and you should be, too
Of the country that gives us free speech
Just as long as we don't try to use it to impeach
Where we drive on a parkway
And park on a driveway
Where you can have it your way

Yeah, I love the USA
Host to racism and poverty
Land of the free, home of the brave
I have the privilege to recite the pledge
Of allegiance every day
Too bad no one understands what it says

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