7 Foot Midget - Lost And Found

Текст песни 7 Foot Midget - Lost And Found

Hardly had a chance
She wipes away a tear from her pretty eyes
Tries to hide
Doesn't want to let on
Crying is a sign of weakness and she's strong
So she says

Things won't change
So much easier to say that nothing's wrong
Like the wound that doesn't hurt
'Til you see the spreading crimson on your shirt

Ignore it, it'll leave you alone
So she says

Abandoned in the cold
Fragile heart of hers hurt one too many times
Not again

Learned her lesson now
You won't have shattered dreams if you don't dream
So it seems

Don't need you
Don't need anyone, she's just fine on her own
Trust is not in her vocabulary
She's lost faith in humanity

Swear she'd never like another guy
With all the pain no wonder why
But she's watching life go by
And sometimes when she's all alone
It feels like she's against the world
Disappointment's worn out its welcome

Don't push me away

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