7 Foot Midget - Miracle Grow

Текст песни 7 Foot Midget - Miracle Grow

What if I woke up today
And found my memory had slipped away
And all those nights we spent together
Were gone from my mind forever

Everything you showed me
The beauty of love
Emotions that felt so good
I wouldn't know of

Stuck in a dark corner
A plant has no way to grow
It needs light like I need love
And you are my window

You opened your heart to me
A feeling so foreign and new

Which helped me open my heart too
And realize I love you

Realization complete
Took a little time but now I see
That depending on somebody else
Is not as bad as loneliness feels

I can't live a day
Without thinking of you
So I write this song to say
Whatever we go through
I love you

You opened up my eyes
Showed me where my heart lies

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