8 Days And Waiting - Anywhere

Текст песни 8 Days And Waiting - Anywhere

i don't want to sound profound,
just like to give a little glimpse of agony erosion and despair
so tired.
I've been waning, I've been waiting for something to come around and see me struggling here after all these years.

anywhere. I wish I was anywhere

observation, calculation, I've read everything you've done
just to try and make your world seem clear.
no change
playing games and calling names, the scripts always seem to end the same

doesn't seem like anything is changing here.


so sick and tired of burning out
pulling my hair and thinking about what life's supposed to be
no more
all these stupid words we say and all these stupid games we play
just for once I'd love to leave this place and cut free.

I wish I was anywhere but here.

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