8 Stops 7 - Weekend

Текст песни 8 Stops 7 - Weekend

wait a while
maybe next week things will change
another dollar to my name

wait a while
maybe next week i'll finally
get all my bills paid

with another day another mile
another wasted space and time

but you can't afford to take
another cut in what they'd like to call your pay
i choose not to live that way

seven days over again
worked your way through another weekend
waiting for life to deliver
might make you wait forever

she pulls me in the back
proceeds to tell me that
i need to change the way i'm behaving

so i apologize

look her strait in the eye
with no intention of ever changing

she says we'll talk it over
why should we talk it over
when i've already made up my mind

it's just a game
back and forth swaying
till it's mine all mine


tell me something boss
tell me something that you're not
tell me something boss
tell me something's going wrong

time in a week and it won't be much longer
said time in a week and i won't end up stronger
said time in a week and i won't be the lover you need to see
when it all comes to swallow you down


might make you wait forever

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