A-Teens - Singled Out

Singled OutA-Teens4:13

Текст песни A-Teens - Singled Out

Hey, hey

When I wake up in the morning
Before I style my hair
The first thing on my mind
Is I hope he cares
And every single evening
Before I hit my bed
My mind analyses
Every word she says

It seems like everybodys got someone
A hand to hold and a soul to touch
I want it all so much

I can't get you
I can't get you
I can't get you off my mind
When I'm with you
I know I could
Love you till the end of time
I can get you
I can get you (try to get you)
If you just tell me how
With all this love around
And me without you
I'm feelin singled out

If I only had the courage

To open up my heart
Would he run, would he hide
Would he light a spark

Should I walk up to her
Should I throw my charming smile
Should I say that her eyes
Light up my skies
Seems like everybodys got someone
A hand to hold, a soul to touch
I want it all so much


Every single day I see these couples walking by
And if I took a chance
Maybe I could be one of them

If only I could have you as the one
The hand to hold, the soul to touch
A heart that I control

I can't get you
I can't get you
I can't get you off my mind


I'm feeling singled out

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