Aaron Carter - My Party (come Get It)

Текст песни Aaron Carter - My Party (come Get It)

Here's a little bit of old school for ya,
That goes a little something like this...

I always tried to be the flyest kid in the block
The popular one with the rising stocks
So that's when I had this bright idea
Throw the party of the month
No, the party of the year

All the fine girls couldn't turn it down
Now all I gotta do is get my parents out
Should I send them to a movie
No, send them to a show
Let me think, hmmmmmm
It's gotta be long though

I said Mom, Dad, yo why ya sittin home
It's a Friday night have you seen Aunt Jo
And don't worry about stayin' out too long
Don't fuss over me, I'll be fine alone

Have a good time...

The door bell rings cuz the party's here
I'm crankin up the stereo like it's New Years
Walkin' 'round the house like who's Da Man
(Everybody do it like Aaron can)

First on the floor, you know that's me
Bustin' out the moves like it's MTV
I'm guessin' where I'm goin' cuz I lost my head
Then I jumped on table, this is what I said

People all around you gotta
(Come get it)
Everyone together sing it loud
(Come get it)
Jump all around come on
(Come get it)
(Come get it)
Say it again
(Come get it)

People all around you gotta

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