Abs - One and only

One and onlyAbs4:01

Текст песни Abs - One and only

hey boy (or playboy)
yo i really wanna get with you
baby just tell me what i gotta do
all i know is that you are the one and only
boy for me

hey yo i really wanna get with you
baby just tell me what i gotta do
all i know is that you are the one and only

**yo, ey yo ey yo
it's way past p.m.
revin' on the road when
it really hit me
i'm lookin for the answer
a regular girl
not a hump-me-all-day-on-the-cellular-girl
to concerned with the wrong things
rollin' with the name - ching ching
got game keep the fame and the bling
put the face on
play the part thru the shirt (?) and put the shades on
me? i gotta do work and to know who i was
who i am
who i wanna be
i dont wanna just slam like Beanie Man
uh-uh don't be fooled ma
i'll point out the thongs ( i think.. or dunce or wrongs or something i have no idea what he is sayin really lol)
i dont wanna think twice when i wanna act once
for some i'm an opportunity
soon to be
roll with me can't ya see can't ya see
cuz what got me here
got the heart like a kid
when ya finally appear
baby i can spot you anywhere
sing the hook ma ...


**i dont want
what they got (no!)
got ma plate full
when i wanna get on the floor
O ma god!(yo!)
thats a body body
aint no body body
touchin you - i dont mind if i do
you make me sit up and getup you call me ABS boo

you make me go (whoa!)
we could take it so far
here's a though feelin the spot like sonar (i think)
sing the hook ma....


**i dont wanna lose my cool
thats the rule
i just wanna hit the floor thats fo sure
you doin what? (??)
bangin on ma mind
when i find
the intent is hott like miami
not chase the skirt and
yo for certain
slowing the flirtin
ey yo its curtains
come on drop the race for the looks
they chase another face for the database
time to get erased come on
i gotta bag one livin in the real world
you can have ma tour pass
we can make it last girl
i can be the guide on the ride yall
all the groupies and the woopties they can slide on (?? or maybe he's sayin "pick a side yall")
the one who
never even gave a damn about the rap show
cds and the clothes
your 50 percent of ma life
but thats the right type of math
Mr. Abs make ya laugh come on...

CHORUS (added to)

Hey Boy (hey boy)
i know i want to get with you ..( i wanna do boy)
**thats a body body aint no body body

hey boy (**hey girl)
i know i want to get with you ...

chorus till fade ...

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