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Текст песни Abs - Spin


You Spin me right round
Baby, right round
Like a record, baby right round
Round round
You Spin me right round
Baby, right round
Like a record, baby right round
Round round

Verse 1

It's what you're doing to me
Got me cross faded
I don't wanna sound conceited
But I'm the best around
The best when it comes to you
Check my mic 1, 2
You like a melody
Playing on my mind
Gotta get you lay it down
Harmonize the vocal
In the words to describe you
Girl, you amazing
Everytime you pass me by
I start gazing


Bump, bump, bump
I got the bass if you got the jump
To the funk, funk, funk
I write the beat, tell me what you want

Cos I, I, I
Can't seem to take my eyes off you
I try, try, try
But just no matter what I do
Cos you...


Verse 2:

Off again another 12" inch vinyl
Clash of the classic, y'all
Semi-final incredible
She got me so unstable
But I'm able
When I'm on the turntable
Mega-Mega mix it down
Girl can't see
That it's just how I play
I can't deny I want her
Change that, need her
Spin for many fever


Chorus x 2


Chorus x 2
aileene | Текст

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