Acdc - Ain't No Fun

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The following is a true story
Only the names have been changed
To protect the guilty -

Well I left my job in my home town
And I headed for the smoke
Got a rock 'n' roll band and a fast right hand
Gonna get to the top
Nothing's gonna stop us
no nothing

So if you've got the money
we've got the sound
You put it up and we'll put it down
If you got the dollar
we got the song
Just wanna boogie woogie all night long
Yeh boogie

I got holes in my shoes
I got holes in my teeth
I got holes in my socks
I can't get no sleep
I'm trying to make a million

And I got patches on the patches

On my old blue jeans
Well they used to be blue
When they used to be new
When they used to be clean

But I've got a Momma whose a hummer
Whose keeping me alive
While I'm in the band doing drinking with the boys
She's working 9 to 5
(She knows her place that woman)

Just you wait -
One of these days see me driving round town
In my rock 'n' Rolls Royce with the sun roof down
My bottle of booze
No summer time blues
Shouting out
Look at me
In my rock 'n' roll voice

Ain't no fun waiting round to be a millionaire

Hey hello Howard, how you doin', my next door neighbour?
Oh yea... Get your fuckin' jumbo jet off my airport

Перевод песни Acdc - Ain't No Fun

Following - this is a true story.
Changed only the names,
to protect the guilty.

I quit a job in his native town
And when he was a breath of smog.
Collected rock and roll band with fast guitar
And I decided to get everything.
And nothing will stop us, nothing!

So if you have the money - we have music.
You bashlyaet we play.
Give dollar - will be a song.
Boogie the night away.

In my shoes - hole.
In my teeth - hole.
In my socks - hole.
I can not sleep,
Everyone is trying to make a million.

And I have a patch on the patch
On my old blue jeans.
And once they were blue
When they were new,
When clean.

But I have a girlfriend. Just "hammer"!
She supports me.
While I was drinking with the guys from the group
She works from nine to five
Oh! She knows her place. This woman.

You wait!
And soon you will see me riding around town
In my rock 'n' roll Rolls-Royce with a hatch on the roof,
With a bottle in his hand, drunk,
Screaming, "Look at me!"
His rock 'n' roll voice.

But it is not funny.
Wait until become a millionaire.
But it is not funny.
Wait until become a millionaire

Believe me?
This is not funny.
Wait until become a millionaire
No, it's not cool. And I do not care what others will say there.
Wait until become a millionaire.

Go to the Rolls-Royce.
But it is not funny.
Wait until become a millionaire
But it is not funny.
Wait until become a millionaire

Cry of a million dollars. Yeah!
But waiting is not cool.
That's what I say.
But it is not funny.
I want to be rich.

"Hey, Hey, Howard, how are you?"
"You're my new neighbor?"
"Yeah ... Take a minute his plane out of my airport!"

Yes! Wait this is not cool!
timmyjones | Перевод

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