Aerosmith - Bitch's Brew

Bitch's BrewAerosmith4:13

Текст песни Aerosmith - Bitch's Brew

I tell (ya a thing) foxy little flirt
I caught you in the briar patch
Liftin' up your skirt, well let me tell ya
What you been doin' in the briar patch?
What you been doing in the little skirt?
Got in closer with a big feet ranch Makin magic ???

Foolin' with the bitch's brew
You know the things I told you not to do
You fell into the briar patch
Ain't nothin' gonna save ya
Remember the things you said
You savin the screams for (bed/bread??)
And now you just walk away
So take it and go all the way

Ah, you foolin' with the bitch's brew
That ain't the thing you outta fool . . .with
Now you keep your fingers out of there, honey
You no that ain't no . . fair(????)
Ther way that you read me
Because of the way you did
The way the witches (sight/side)

Oh the things that you fight (God)

You been messin with the bitch's brew
Don't you know who you're talkin to?
Said you're talkin to the bitch's brew
Tell me you never really cared
The voodoo men (??) eyes of fire
Or (hoodoo/who) men most desire
The bitches are out in school(?)
(?) Tell from the light of the moon (yodel)

I been thinkin' ran my hands through the sands of time
Yeah, and I been drinkin', just to make this here song rhyme.

Ooooh what the hell you want me to
I'll take it with the aaaaah
Foolin' with the bitch's brew
Don't you (x's a bunch)
Don't you fool with the bitch's brew
I been foolin' with the bitch's brew
Don't be foolin with me now
Foolin with the bitch's brew (x's a million)

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