Afroman - Dope Fiend

Текст песни Afroman - Dope Fiend

Will somebody call me a cab?
I swallowed another tab
I might overdose under the circumstance
So betta yet call me an ambulance

Cause I'ma dopefiend baby, I don't know why
All I wanna do is get high
Between your legs is where my brain is at
Cause I'ma nymphomaniac

I used to smoke marijuana when I was a kid
Now I'm trippin on acid
I'm high on every drug known to mankind
So go ahead and pass it


My designated driver was this girl
Her name was Carolyn
But I can't go home cause she just died from an overdose of heroin
She's a dopefiend baby
She don't know why
All she wants to do is get high
Between her legs is where my brain is at
Cause I'ma nymphomaniac


This butt naked girl sat next to me
And offered me some ecstasy
Then she gave me a big fat kiss with a mouth full of LSD


Wave your hands in the air

Then wave it like you just don't care
If you got on clean underwear somebody say oh yeah
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah
Check it out all the homeboys gather round cuz
Repeat after me
Shit, God damn, get off your ass and jam
Shit, God damn, get off your ass and jam
Shit, God damn, get off your ass and jam
Shit, God damn, get off your ass and jam
My hands are shakin, my nose is twitchin, my eyeballs are real gigantic
I'm layin in bed, with a throbbin head, and I'm trippin on widespread panic

[Chorus - repeat 3X]

Hell yeah, A man, I'm gonna do some impersonations right
A, the first one is a mixture between the lead singer of the B-52's
And Robert Smith from the cure right

I'm gonna do Axl Rose from Guns N Roses cuz

Willie Nelson, Willie Nelson, we gonna sing some country
Maybe I didn't fuck you
But little darling don't cry
The fact is I masturbated
About an hour before you came by
You were always on my mind
You were always on my mind
On the road again
Open up your legs and let me stick it in
My favorite past time is making love to my girlfriend
I can't wait to shoot my load again
Shoot my load again
Stick my dick some where it's never been

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