Afroman - The Good Times

Текст песни Afroman - The Good Times

Let's all get drunk tonight
I hope I don't fight with a punk tonight
Let's all get high tonight
Maybe nobody will die tonight
Let's all sell yell tonight
I hope I don't go back to jail tonight
Let's go to the club tonight
Find a woman that wanna make love tonight
A yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Let's get dumb
Drink some rum
Make my teeth and gum feel real numb
We'll be thinking bout survivin
While we're drinkin and we're drivin
Hope I don't wreck when my vision gets blurry
Sober up lookin at an all white jury
Judge don't like no drunk like me
Punk might give me strike number three
Cause when I'm drunk and when I'm high
I don't give a damn bout a DUI
Let's just get lit
Dance like a nitwit
Try to talk to the women that we can't get with
Me and my staff make everybody laugh
If the beer runs out we can all go half
It's Friday night got the perfect weather
Let's get drunk together


Bacardi, Colt .45
Let's party we still alive
Tomorrow brings pain and sorrow

but tonight, we're all right
Drink that beer till your belly can't hold it
Tell the homeboys we fittin to get loaded
Rollin through the Ante-dope Valley out there
Hope the cops don't smell that beer on my breath
Cause if the sheriff
Catch a whiff
Of that fifth
It'll probably knock him stiff
Don't look dumb if my breath on hum
Stick your hand in you're pocket please, pass some gum
So the cops can't tell my breath smell
We won't go to jail
We'll go to Palmdale
With the beautiful women and the beautiful weather
We can both get drunk together


Baby I beg your pardon
But your outfit's givin me a hardon
Maybe some way, maybe some how
You could dance with me, right here, right now
Been lookin at you all night long
That DJ's playin my favorite song
Everything's splendid, don't mean no harm
Don't get offended when I pull your arm
I ain't felt this good since I don't know when
And I might not feel this good again
It's Friday night, beautiful weather
Let's get drunk together

[Chorus - 2X]

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