Alanis Morissette - Awakening Americans

Текст песни Alanis Morissette - Awakening Americans

We watch movies of murder and we censor the breast
Give thanks for the murders of Chris Columbus
We kill our own and we vote for the men
The lesser of evils and us starring the role of victim

I wonder how we change if we can in this land
I wonder how many mountains we'd move if we bent together
Us priveleged Americans

We pass our revisions onto the next generation
We kneel to the Gods of corporation
We eat when we're full and we hoard all the rest
With our hands on remotes we say "Yes, We're the best"

I wonder what we change in this land, cause we can
Even with western centricity this rampant

Us ugly Americans

Tired are not my hands
But see strangers and enemies as part of me, is real.
For me this awakening Canadian

We teach our offspring for themselves, every man
We shrug shoulders and create yet another -ism
We dissuade our young from using their imagination
We avert our eyes from this our very own manifestation

I wonder what will change in this land, cause we can
I wonder how many mouths we'd fill if we band together
Us awakening Americans

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