Alanis Morissette - London

LondonAlanis Morissette4:46

Текст песни Alanis Morissette - London

What it feels to fall in to the pool
the hard shell bugs bite my forearm
my right index fingernail chewed to the quick
my cervix is a long (?)
my sprinklers go off at 6pm each day
and sometimes they spray unsuspecting visitors
my pimples are goosebumps(hairs?) all over my legs
my brow is furrowed and my vision is blurred
and how I do love London
and how I do love London

the birds make guttural sounds and protect me
my friends come to visit and love me a lot
I don't have the energy to fill this
I am like flight attendants on a 12 hour flight
and how I do love London

and how I do love London

I am intriguied by the boy with songs
sometimes they write sometimes they write a lot
the steam will smell of puke and left us in the shower
the hug will feel forced upon you inconsolable thing
and how I do love London
and how I do love London

deep breaths will not make my brain stand still
to be loved and swallowed are single and depraved
I love speaking french to the taxi drivers
we slept and were cold on the train out of france
and how I do love London
and how I do love London

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