Alanis Morissette - Movement Vi: Innocence

Текст песни Alanis Morissette - Movement Vi: Innocence

By moon we gather

For the ascension

Great sky shelter us

With your endless compassion

Last survivor

It is you who must pass

Into the light of the new world

Under a sky of innocence

We are now all dying

In a slow black rain

Was it a failure

Of man and angels?

Was it a failure of love?

From this human river

Too cruel for winter

Welcome to the gates

A rehearsal for the silence

Pray we do not enter

Under a sky of innocence

We bathe in the seduction


The light is unraveling now

We open our arms to it

It is close to ground zero

I am no one

Yet I am everyone

We are nothing, but we are all

When I am still, I am inspired

We are not yet born

Half sadness

But half choice

When I am still I can hear

You speak most clearly

Father can you help me

For the ocean is big

And my boat is small

Find the courage

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