Alanis Morissette - Orchid [Deluxe Edition]

Текст песни Alanis Morissette - Orchid [Deluxe Edition]

Me, and my helmet such an un-conventional kid
All intense and kinetic, at best tolerated from afar
Not yet arrested, and by that I mean betrothed
though a start I am newly courted
I've just not been trusted with alters

I'm a sweet piece of work, well intentioned yet disturbed
wrongly label-ed and under-fed, treated like a rose as an orchid

My friends, as they weigh in, get understandably protective
They have a hard time being objective
So inside we cancel each other out

I'm a sweet piece of work, well intentioned and unloved
unlabeled and misunderstood, treated like a rose as an orchid

You've brought water to me, making sure my bloom rebounds
you know best of what my special care allows

So I've lived in my blind spot
thought myself usual when I'm not
and your garden is a nice spot
as long as it is brave and where you are

For this sweet piece of work, high maintenance and deserted
I've been different and deserving, treated like a rose as an orchid
Sweet piece of work, overwhelmed un-observed
I've been bowed down to but so misread
treated like a rose as an orchid

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