Alanis Morissette - The Morning

Текст песни Alanis Morissette - The Morning

[Verse 1:]
So it starts with the pauses
As singular and quiet
It's still and it is patient
Intended as it grows
And we go
From sunrise to sun falling
From daughter to sister
Angels through Maria

[Verse 2:]
Our reaching is daunting
But perfectly far reaching
And our mission is joined
With our children returning
There's blood and there's sweat
And there's fears unabated
And there's grief in the night time
While the phoenix is rising
Rising high leading me home

[Chorus 1:]
So this is the morning
We're more keen to blending
We're led by the senses
We're serving our family
We're graced by the tender
We're upping the ante
We can't help but orient
Homebound t'ward unity


And this sight of inclusion
This [?] protected
[?] safe by intention
Educate me far and wide

[Verse 3:]
And this small section of the world
It calls me to my highest
To true collaboration

[Alternate lyrics:]
Senses are delicate
And fashion toward the whole
The tales, they're high
The vibes, they're high
The tales, they're tall
My specialty
I am carrying by
This shaky arm

[Chorus 2:]
So this is the morning
We're more keen to blending
We're led by the senses
We're serving our family
And these are our sisters
And this our specialty
And this our commitment to whole

[Outro: Vocalizing]

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