Alien Ant Farm - She's Only Evil

She's Only EvilAlien Ant Farm8:29

Текст песни Alien Ant Farm - She's Only Evil

Beyond the basement
There lives a girl there
She's got a face and a lot of hair
Respond to places
Remember they said
To watch your back but you don't care
She's only evil
We've dealt with much more
it's only logical to stare

Mistakes never feel forgotten
Shoot for the stars but you hit the garden
You reap what you sow, though you dug from the bottom
You dug up the past and you know it won't last

Up in the attic,
I pray for magic
It seems these wands will never cast
The rats have eaten
All of the poison
Like traps of rust all in my head

We're all just people
Dumb, dead, and evil
Foundations fall and always have


My body is my temple
Just try to be gentle
And I'll shelter you
I promised you
The X marks at the base of my chest
Come inside and I'll show you
The rest of me
This house is sweet
Oh, it's bittersweet


Beyond the basement
There lives a girl there...

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