Alkaline Trio - Movin' Right Along

Текст песни Alkaline Trio - Movin' Right Along

Movin' right along in search of good times and good news
With good friends you can't lose
This could become a habit
Opportunity knocks once, let's reach out and grab it (Yeah)
Together we'll nab it
We'll hitchhike, bus or Yellow Cab it
Cab it?

Movin' right along
Footloose and fancy free
Getting there is half the fun, come share it with me
Moving right along (Doog-a-doon, doog-a-doon)
We'll learn to share the load
We don't need a map to keep this show on the road

Hey, that song is starting to sound better, Danny

Movin' right along
We've found a life on the highway
And your way is my way
So trust my navigation

California here we come, the pie-in-the-sky-land
Palm trees and warm sand
Though, sadly, we just left Rhode Island
We did what?!
Just forget it

Movin' right along

Hey, L.A., where have you gone?
Send someone to fetch us, we're in Sasketchewan

Movin' right along (Doog-a-doon, doog-a-doon)
You take it, you know best
Hey, I've never seen the sun come up in the West

Movin' right along
We're truly birds of a feather
We're in this together, and we know where we're going
Movie stars with flashy cars and life with the top down
We're storming the big town
Yeah, "storm" is right -- should it be snowing?
Uh, no, I don't think so

Movin' right along
Do I see signs of men?
"Welcome" on the same post that says "come back again"
Moving right along (Nice town)
Footloose and fancy-free
You're ready for the big time
Is it ready for me?

Movin' right along
Movin' right along
Movin' right along
Movin' right along


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