All American Rejects - Happy Endings

Текст песни All American Rejects - Happy Endings

Time does tell
That even if they say so
She'd be the one that would know
That I did do what I've done
And I, I wouldn't call it cheating
I'd just say I was leading her on
Why walk while I run a-way

You- you ask me what went wrong
Me- i'll write you this last song
Please- just tell me one way we can win
One- more thing before I go
Two- the one who loves me so
Three- don't make me count to three again

Happy endings
Just what did you do, If you're a dream then come true
Stop pretending

That what you mean isn't what you say
Hopeful dreaming,
Of times before the pain, wishing it was still the same
Loving, leaving
Round and round and round we go again

Walks a-lone, have often lead to thinking
My love for you is sinking to what seems an all time low
or high, the limits' never ending,
And don't you know I'm sending
There's no venture I won't go
For you

She walks away, she talks away
She walks away
She walks away, she talks away
Away, away...

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